Social Distance and Sanitation | Diablo Scorpion Lacrosse Club

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Established protocols to maintain six (6) feet physical distance (where possible) among
participants, players, adult leaders, coaches, and parents.

  • Teams are established at 14 players or less in accordance with CA state guidelines.
  • Players and coaches will at all times maintain 6 feet of distance, unless and until the county tier reaches “red”.
  • Coaches and players are required to follow the path of travel in and out of field facilities per their coach's field diagram.
  • No spectators are allowed. Parents will drop off and pick up players in the parking lot and will not enter the field space.
  • No sharing of water bottles. Each player is responsible for bringing their own water bottle to practice.

Sanitation and hygiene

  • Players and coaches are required to sanitize on entry and exit onto fields.
  • Scorpion LAX will provide hand sanitizer at practices.
  • Limit sharing of equipment, in the event of a need to share equipment, equipment should be sanitized between use.
  • Limit one (1) player to a restroom at a time.

Reducing the risk of spread of Covid-19

  • Coaches are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Players are required to wear masks upon entering and exiting the fields and awaiting pick up. (Guidelines for CDPH interim youth sports here. )
  • Players, coaches, and adult volunteers are required to complete a health assessment (including a temperature check) prior to each practice and submit it through TeamSnap.
  • Screening (temperature check) of coaches, players, adult leaders are required to participate. All constituents must be made aware that they may be asked to leave if they refuse a screening or show any signs of illness (regardless of any testing that may have been done)
  • Scorpion LAX will instruct players, coaches, and adults to avoid physical contact with one another (i.e. high fives, hugs)
  • Adult leaders, coaches, and players may not enter field facilities if they or a member of their household has had the onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed Covid 19 in the prior 14 days.
  • Adult leaders and coaches are required to self-monitor and follow return to play protocol should they have any symptoms or exposure to that of Covid 19
  • Coaches will keep accurate records of practice attendees for contract tracing purposes.
  • If a player or coach from a participating pod has been diagnosed with Covid-19, the pod will be shut down from all activities for a period of fourteen (14) days.

Strategies for working with public health to notify adult leaders, coaches, players, and their families if the organization learns a participant has developed Covid 19 and may have been infectious to others while at Scorpion Lacrosse activities

  • Participants are required to maintain the confidentiality of a Covid-19 infected person
  • Follow established Scorpion Lacrosse protocols regarding canceling activities and follow return to play procedure for anyone suspected of or being exposed to Covid 19
  • Consult the local health district for guidance for specific situations


Revised 1/30/2021