Coaching Guidelines | Diablo Scorpion Lacrosse Club

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Scorpion Lacrosse Coaching Guidelines

  1. Come to practices and games early.

  2. Never leave a child on the field unattended.

  3. For practices and games, all children must wear all required protective gear.  New for 2011, all Goalies must wear arm pads

  4. While player development remains a core goal for all age groups and divisions, A-level lacrosse is a competitive division with the goal of winning lacrosse games.  Boys and girls in A divisions will see playing time in every game.  The extent to which each boy or girl plays will be left to the coach's discretion.     

  5. All players in B and C divisions should have equal playing time.   Playing exceptions can be made based upon a lack of commitment and attendance to practices and games.

  6. Make it fun.  If it's not fun, re-evaluate how you are teaching.

  7. Don't over coach.  Have the children learn through playing.

  8. Remember, attitude is learned, both positive and negative.

  9. Treat referees with respect.

  10. Get off the field immediately at any sign of lightning.

  11. Stress fair play and good sportsmanship whether winning or losing.

  12. Keep parents under control. Instruct them them not to coach and to respect referees.

  13. Provide positive reinforcement and build esteem.

  14. Stress proper warm-up to prevent injuries.