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Goalie Coach:  Adam Lechner

10 players from your team are on the field at any given moment, but only one of them is a goalie.  A strong keeper can make or break a team and it is important to recognize the value and necessity of a good goalie to have a successful team.  Goalie is a unique position that requires specific training in order to master the fundamentals and become an effective anchor for your defense.  Skills that are not taught are likely never to be learned, and bad habits are hard to break on your keeper once they are present.  By starting keepers off on the right foot- with good fundamentals, consistent and productive training, and positive encouragement, you are setting up your keeper and your defense for success.  This training is meant to give you an overview of the position with specific instructions on the basics that you should be working on with your goalie at every practice and game.

As a courtesy from Coach Lechner, he has made his clinic training manual available for our coaches in soft copy format.  You may download the training manual here.


Video Quick Links
  1. Introduction - 00:01
  2. Your Goalie is not a Shooting Target - 08:35
  3. Body Position and Stick Position - 12:00
  4. Movement to the Ball- 29:05
  5. Walking the Line & Warm-ups - 43:02
  6. Passing and Stick Skills - 52:00
  7. Pipe Play and Angles- 61:34

A warm-up Guide has also been provided to our club by Coach Lechner.  That guide can be found at the following links:

Short Guide

Detailed Guide

If you have questions or comments, Coach Lechner has made himself available to coaches in our club.  His contact information is:

Adam Lechner
c- (925) 518-2387