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The mission of the Diablo Scorpion Lacrosse Club is to instill positive life lessons for all participants through teamwork, working towards common goals, personal development, competition and most of all having fun at various skill levels and age.

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Scorpion Wall Wizard Program

  1. Overview
  2. Workout Templates
  3. Wall Locations


Overview  (back to top)

The Scorpion Wall Wizard program is critical to the success of each member in our program.  The Wall Wizard program rewards players for working on basic stick skills outside of regularly scheduled practices.  There are various Wall Wizard programs, depending on the age and skill level of your player.

Workout Templates  (back to top)

Players must complete three Basic workouts for a reward (sticker or ribbon) or one Advanced workout.  Players should print the PDF and get a parent to sign it.

Basic Wall Wizard - 6U, 8U

Basic Wall Wizard - Beginner 10U and 12Us

Advanced Wall Wizard - Experienced 10U, 12U, and 14Us

Wall Locations  (back to top)

Not all schools have walls that are good for Wall Wizards.  To view a map of the best and worst locations for wall work, please click on the link below.

Please make sure that you DO NOT use wooden walls or the side of schools. 

Green - Locations with Good walls for Wall Work
Yellow - Locations with questionable walls for Wall Work
Red - Locations not appropriate for Wall Work

View Wall Wizard Locations in a larger map