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The mission of the Diablo Scorpion Lacrosse Club is to instill positive life lessons for all participants through teamwork, working towards common goals, personal development, competition and most of all having fun at various skill levels and age.

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Scorpion Lacrosse FAQ


Q. What is the best way to ask a question that is not answered by the information provided on the website?

A. Send an email to the appropriate contact from our contact page.  If you don't know which contact to email, just send it to  and we will attempt to respond within a reasonable timeframe. 

Q. How old does my child have to be to play?

A. All Scorpion Teams are split up by age. Boys and girls begin in Kindergarten. 


Q. What is the cost?

A. See the Registration page for specific cost for individual leagues. 


Q. Are there any other costs?

A. All Scorpion Lacrosse Players must be active members of US Lacrosse. This membership is not included in your registration fee. Equipment is the largest other cost. Boys equipment can range from $250 - $350, Girls from $75 to $100. 


Q. Why do I need a US Lacrosse membership?

A.  US Lacrosse membership is a requirement to play Scorpion Lacrosse because it offers insurance coverage that protects the program in the event of a serious injury to one of its players while playing in the program.


Q. What equipment is needed?

A. Boys require a Lacrosse Stick, Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Rib Pads, Gloves, Mouthpiece and Cleats (soccer or football). Cost will range from $250 - $350. Girls require a Lacrosse Stick (girls version), Mouthpiece, Eye Protection and Cleats (soccer). Cost will range from $70 - $100+. 


Q. Where do I get the equipment?

A. The following retailers carry a large selection of lacrosse equipment and offer discounted equipment packages:

Sling It Lacrosse 180-A Alamo Plaza, Alamo. Phone: (925)-820-5800

Purchasing equipment separately may cost significantly more, but there are many locations on the Internet to purchase equipment. They will have a preferred package for both boys and girls based upon our recommendation.  You can also check out our Gear Exchange


Q. What are the team colors?

A. Orange, Navy Blue, and White. Our Helmets and Jerseys will be Orange with Navy and White trim. PLEASE BE SURE TO PURCHASE OUR COLOR HELMET. Shorts will be Navy with Orange and White trim. Girl's uniforms are Orange tops and skirts, with Navy trim. Sizing and Number selection will occur once the teams are set. 


Q. Is there contact?

A. Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport. Boys in 6th grade and below play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. From 7th Grade and older physical contact is allowed and is taught by coaches appropriately. 


Q. How many practice and games will there be?

A. It will vary based upon the age group. The pre-season practices start in either January with the exception of our Boys Bobblehead U-7 program which starts during in March. The season continues to Memorial Day with each age group having various levels of commitment. As the season nears, specific practice and games schedules will be posted for each age group. 


Q. Can my son or daughter play for Scorpions if they are in High School?

A. In the event a player is in the 9th grade at a high school that does not offer a JV lacrosse program, an age-eligible player may play on a U15 team.  These cases must be approved by the Scorpion and NCJLA boards via a petition submitted to